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Control of hygiene skills and informed choice of hygiene products. Patients at risk (gastrointestinal diseases, eating disorders, hazardous industries, bruxism, etc.) should use toothpastes with a low degree of abrasiveness (RDA index = 30-50) and a soft toothbrush. It is not recommended to cleanse immediately after consuming fruits and beverages with low pH, vomiting, regurgitation, or reflux. To prevent erosion, at least 1 hour should elapse between meals or drinks.

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Yu. M. Maksimovsky (1981) assigns an important role in the development of erosions of the hyperfunction of the thyroid gland. Erosion of teeth in patients with thyrotoxicosis was revealed twice more often than in people with normal thyroid function, a direct relationship was established between the intensity of tooth damage and the duration of thyrotoxicosis. In women, dental erosion is detected in a greater percentage of cases. Examination of patients with non-carious lesions of the teeth must be carried out in conjunction with a gynecologist and endocrinologist. Hormonal indicators (estradiol, TSH, prolactin, cortisol) are included in the examination algorithm by related specialists.

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Early detection of eating disorders is important for disease outcome, secondary prevention, prevention of complications, and reduction of adverse effects on dental health and overall patient status. Patients with eating disorders often shy away from healthcare providers, and if they do, they hide the true origin of the problem. Therefore, knowledge of the manifestations of these disorders in the oral cavity is extremely important for the dentist.