Techniques of playing Mahjong?

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Techniques of playing Mahjong?

There are 3 techniques of Mahjong that most of the masters choose to use together. Each technique has an easy way to use it. Just have to study to understand only that. If you study proficiently Let me tell you that every formula can make money for you for sure.

Arrange a set of cards before matching all pairs.

This is the main method that many people use. That is to arrange a pair of cards properly. Then the set will be arranged. When arranged like this, it will make you know which cards should be discarded. When the pair has been arranged and the remaining cards are the cards that are waiting for the complete set Whenever the discarded card matches the pending suit You can prepare to win.

Match with a lot of cards.

Mahjong has many sets as well. So matching as many as possible is the easiest way to win. And if it is a number card, then if you have several pairs of hands. The chances of winning will be even higher. Because the numbers are all up to 3 sets together, so if you want to win as quickly as possible Matching number cards is another method that many masters choose to use.

Match color cards and triple cards.

This technique is a highly rated technique. The method of using this formula focuses on catching as many colored cards as possible. Including having to find a triple number to be in your hands If you can do this, then In addition to getting high points The chances of winning are very high as well.

All that we have introduced are simple techniques that most sages use. It also helps to make the chances of winning very high as well. If anyone wants simple tricks to beat friends or to beat other players. Just do the techniques we recommend to use. I guarantee that from now on, your chances of winning will be higher for sure.

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